There’s a big wide world out there of using credit cards to your advantage, redeeming points for miles, travel nomading, etc. The same animal goes by many names, and there are tons of resources to help you master this art. We’ve got a few things up our sleeve to help you out:


  • AwardWallet, a great way to keep your awards and membership programs organized
  • Your FICO score, the best, free way to check how your credit score is doing
  • The “Travel Nomading Report” (get your PDF here)


  • Flyer Talk, a hefty beast-of-a-forum that may take you a while to wade through but has a ton of valuable information
  • MilePoint, founded by some wise Flyer Talk folks, it’s got a cleaner look but less depth than Flyer Talk

You can always shoot me a note: if you’ve got something to share as well.

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