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You don’t need to fly all the time to rack up the frequent flier miles…and that’s the key to ‘traveling like a credit card nomad.’ By using credit card points and bonuses to your advantage, you can score countless free flights, hotel stays, gift cards, and other travel-related items. Whether you’re a college student traveling on a shoestring budget or a corporate professional with thousands of dollars to expense, there’s a travel nomad strategy for you.

You might start by familiarizing yourself with how frequent flyer miles and alliances work, how credit card hacks work, and how to to redeem miles. There are some sample itineraries you can check out as well. And keep reading–we’ll post more tips and tricks periodically! Start off by checking out these articles introductory articles:

>> The Step-by-Step Process to Earning an International Business Class Ticket
>> How Frequent Flyer Miles and Alliances Work
>> How to Travel With Credit Cards: An Overview
>> And check out our favorite credit cards, as well.

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